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Welcome to the Farlam

Parish Council website

It is hoped that this website can bring together a wealth of information about the Parish of Farlam, gleaned from the Internet and other sources.The parish has a fascinating history and in some ways was at the forefront of the industrial revolution.

We will also try to keep you up to date with the work of the Parish Council and provide a convenient way for members of the parish to bring their concerns to the attention of the Parish Council.

Any events or news items that you would like to be added the New's page, can be sent to farlamparishcouncil@gmx.com

Next Council Meeting


13 March 2019    1930 Hrs  Lacy Thompson Memorial Hall

Agenda, Draft Minutes and Documents to follow

Next Parish Trust meeting

13th March 2019  1845 Hrs  Lacy Thompson Memorial Hall

Agenda to follow

Note Applications for grants from the trust must be made one week before the meeting.  Application form on Trust page.

Site 5th January 2019 dated  

 Pages changed:- Home and Agenda, Minutes & Documents


The 2018 Play Area Inspection Report  click on the  link to down load the report.

You will see from the report that chains are showing signs of wear and the posts also have problems. The Council spent over £500.oo in February 2017 to replace one post and a number of smaller items that had worn.  

The play area is entering into the latter stages of its useful life and I think that if the community wishes to retain a play area then serious consideration should be given to MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY forming a GROUP to raise funds to revamp the area with particular attention being paid to installing modern equipment on a proper play area base NOT a soggy field with grass that cannot be kept cut or moles out.  If a group cannot be formed the Parish Council will have no option other than to remove items as they become beyond repair.