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Farlam Parish Trust

Registered Charity No. 1147300

Established in 2012 to administer the monies very kindly donated by

the operators of Silver Top quarry (Thompson of Prudhoe) in recognition of the increased noise and disturbance the extra traffic causes.

The Declaration of Trust dated 14 April 2012 was amended in April 2015 and the Deed and amendment are available as a PDF click on DECLARATION of TRUST

Unfortunately the amendments could not be incorporated but the amendments are on the first two pages and the affected paragraphs of the Deed have been highlighted.

The Trustees are as follows:-

Independent Trustees

Ann Freer, Marika Murray, Scott Fretwell, Janet Lambert

Regular Trustees are members of Farlam Parish Council

Steven Bowles, Charles Raine, Alan Shaw, Angus Murray,Chris Marsh, Ray Hinton, Simon Dalton, Claire Skeates

Grant applications are normally only considered from groups for projects that benefit the inhabitants of the Parish of Farlam.

However the Trust would like to have "GOOD IDEAS" from individuals who could work with the Trust on one off projects that fulfil all other criteria.

The Trust meets in the village Hall at 6.45.pm. on the 2nd. Wednesday in March and September, prior to the Parish Council Meetings.

Applications must be received one week prior to the trust meetings.

In the past the Trust has helped with a number projects such as:-

repairs to the Church, repairs to the Lacy Thompson Hall, The Play Group (Storage), The Joseph Bell Memorial, Craft Fairs, A bouncy Castle for the School Fair, the ‘Village News’ and it has made a considerable donation to ‘The Hub’ (Community Benefit Society Hallbankgate Hub Ltd) to enable them to purchase the freehold of the Scotmid premises.

For further information please contact the Trust Administrator

Mr C Rain Farlam Farm, Farlam, Brampton CA8 1LA

Email charles.raine@youngsrps.com

If you already have a ‘Project’ that you would like the Trust to consider please download and complete the PDF application form and email or Post it to the Administer.