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The above picture taken at the Science Museum in 2008

The Rocket Steam Engine was purchased by James Thompson in 1837 and worked in

the area until 1844. Some reports say the the engine was kept on a section of track in

the grounds of Farlam Hall. It was eventually presented to the Science Museum in 1862.

 There are many conflicting reports regarding the movements of the ‘ROCKET


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The famous "Rocket" two cylinder steam engine was built by Robert Stephenson & Co in 1829 at the Forth Street Works in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, works number 19. She was originally named "Premium Engine", but was renamed as "Rocket". It won the Rainhill Trials in October 1829, which were organised by the Liverpool & Manchester Railway to evaluate whether or not haulage by steam locomotives would be viable.

The nameplate of the original "Rocket" steam engine.

Some time around 1850 "Rocket" was returned to the Robert Stephenson works to be prepared for display at the 1851 "Great Exhibition", which was held in the famous Crystal Palace building in Hyde Park (later to be moved to Sydenham). However, it seems that "Rocket" was not put on display at this event.

In 1862 the locomotive was donated to the Patent Office Museum in London (now the Science Museum) by the Thompson family of Milton Hall, near Brampton.

The rear view of the original "Rocket", as preserved in the Science Museum in London.

Photographed 20th November 1983