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I will list a number of places where I hope that useful information can be obtained for safe and enjoyable access to the countryside.  CUMBRIA  C.C.

COUNTRYSIDE ACCESS page on their web site is a good site to check out.

Open Access :- Natural England is a very good web site to take a look at.


Brampton Walkers are welcome’ conduct regular walks in the area


Cumbria County Council’s definitive footpath map is a very good place to look at footpaths and rights of way.

This latest site is very easy to use. DEFINITIVE MAP


Important note– The rights of way information shown on this map is provided for information only and must not be relied on for legal, statutory or any other formal purposes. The legal record of rights of way, known as the Definitive Map and Statement, can be viewed by appointment with the Rights of Way Mapping section. To make an appointment please:-

email Countryside Access@cumbria.gov.uk

Walk Carduneth Pike.pdf Walk Cold Fell.pdf Walk Geltsdale.pdf Walk Talkingfell.pdf Walk North Pennine Ridge (North).pdf

Click on a guide below to download the PDF file