Planning Applications

Our local planning authority is Carlisle City Council and they consults Farlam Parish Council on planning applications within the Parish and adjacent applications ‘just over the border’. The Parish Council is only one of a number of consultees and Carlisle City Council Planning Department, may or may not take note of our comments. To see the Parish Council's comments on planning applications and the full application, go to: .

Follow the instructions to enter that application number as contained in the Agenda and you will be able to view and download any associated documents you wish. 

You can also search planning applications by using the  address or postcode to see all the applications in that area.

For any other Planning Information go to the Planning and Building Control Home Page

Recent Planning applications:- 

20-0837 Entrance Farlam Hall Hotel new entrance    date 14/12/20

20-9012/cty Silvertop Quarry extension    date 17/10/2020